Thursday, February 2, 2017

San Gatsu no Lion House for Sims 2

Inspired by the heart-warming quaint Japanese townhouse in the  anime San Gatsu no Lion, I bring you the Sims 2 version of this cozy house. :)

Huge thank you and all credits to the creators of cc that I used in this lot!  Thank you very much!

Over View
Front View

Side View

Living room



Bedroom 1

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Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year Onsen-- A Japanese hot spring hotel

Front view

Close up

Over view

Side view



Dining room

Ladies' bathroom

Men's bathroom

Ladies' onsen

Men's onsen

Fancy guest room

Ensuite living room

Ensuite bedroom

Tea ceremony room

Staff room ( my favourite! :)

A New Year Onsen for your sims. Well, we are still in January. :)

All credit and many thanks to creators and recolourists!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

A typical Japanese country house

Front View
Back View
Tatami Room
Sun Room
Guest Room
Living room
Master Bedroom
Ensuite living room
Teen room

A typical Japanese countryside house.

CC list (Please see at my previous post)

8-3 Studio’s Onabe set converted by Daer0n 

Round Zabuton by Meg

Many thanks and all credit to all creators!  Thank you so much! :)

Game requirement : GTW , GT and Spa Day.

Cheat used: MOO

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Sims 4 - A quaint Japanese Townhouse

Over View

Front View

Side View


Living Room


Bathroom Ofuro

Bedroom 1

Inspired by the quaint Japanese house in “San Gatsu no Lion”. It’s less grungy and a bit modernized. :P

Originally, I planned to build two or three houses of different styles on the same lot (Just like we see at cities in Japan). Then I thought maybe some simmers prefer to have only one at a time. 

Here is CC Shopping list ( Please make sure to have them in the “Mods” folder BEFORE installing the house):

All CC( Because they are so Versatile and small on size! A “Must” for TS4) from PlasticBox at MTS or here (if you are not a member at MTS). 

SweetMint ( Her CC are essential for Asian Themed houses)

Here is a list of useful items for Chinese Theme by QingshuangTongzi

CC_colourful ( A “Must” for Japanese Objects)

GIGO ( Lots of essential Japanese furniture)

Simplestudio404 ( Wide range of Japanese objects, another “Must”)

Ofuro from NoirandDarkSims

Tamamro (Very useful Japanese objects and cute decor)

Fusuma by Fayesta

Huge thank you and all credits to these talented creators! 

Cheat used: MOO

The house is here

Happy simming!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sims2 Natsuyuki Florist + Bonus houses


Today i brought you Natsuyuki Rendezvous Florist and four narrow-facade mini Japanese town houses as bonus.

The florist is inspired by anime “ Natsuyuki Rendezvous”. when i was watching this anime, this flower shop reminds me of my trips in Japan.  It’s just like any typical small florist you can find on the corner of a street in Tokyo. There were at lease two of this kind of florist near the Ryokan where i used to stay every time when i travelled in Tokyo.

These four narrow-facade town houses are quite common at the big cities in Japan. I’ve often seen them when i walked around in Kyoto or Tokyo. I was always amazed by these “thin” buildings each time i passed by. I thought it must be really squeezed to stay inside. Well, I was wrong. They are actually amazingly well arranged of space.

So here we are these four different narrow town houses. They are partially furnished to give you some ideas how to decorate them. It was a challenge to arrange the limited space while keeping it fully functional. But it was also part of fun!

By the way, the Florist and four town houses are on the same lot. So you’ll just need to grad them all at once, isn’t it cool? :P

All credits and a huge thanks to all the creators, recolourists and conversion artists.

Eps required: “ Sims 2 Ultimate Collection”.

Happy Simming!

Natsuyuki Florist
The Whole Lot
Florist House
Mini-house 1
Mini house 1_Entrance
Mini house 1_Dining room
Mini house 1_Livingroom

Mini house 2 and Tiny houses
Mini house 2_Entrance
Mini house 2_Salon
Mini house 2_Bathroom
Mini house 2_Bedroom 1
Tiny house 1_Entrance
Tiny house1_Kitchen
Tiny house 1_Bathroom
Tiny house 1_Living room
Tiny house 1_Bedroom 1