Friday, December 16, 2016

Sims 4 - A quaint Japanese Townhouse

Over View

Front View

Side View


Living Room


Bathroom Ofuro

Bedroom 1

Inspired by the quaint Japanese house in “San Gatsu no Lion”. It’s less grungy and a bit modernized. :P

Originally, I planned to build two or three houses of different styles on the same lot (Just like we see at cities in Japan). Then I thought maybe some simmers prefer to have only one at a time. 

Here is CC Shopping list ( Please make sure to have them in the “Mods” folder BEFORE installing the house):

All CC( Because they are so Versatile and small on size! A “Must” for TS4) from PlasticBox at MTS or here (if you are not a member at MTS). 

SweetMint ( Her CC are essential for Asian Themed houses)

Here is a list of useful items for Chinese Theme by QingshuangTongzi

CC_colourful ( A “Must” for Japanese Objects)

GIGO ( Lots of essential Japanese furniture)

Simplestudio404 ( Wide range of Japanese objects, another “Must”)

Ofuro from NoirandDarkSims

Tamamro (Very useful Japanese objects and cute decor)

Fusuma by Fayesta

Huge thank you and all credits to these talented creators! 

Cheat used: MOO

The house is here

Happy simming!

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